Due to a brutal and unjustified attack on our facilities at the lawn in front of the CERN Computer Centre, we had to close the CERN Animal Shelter today, 2012/1/5.

The shelter was just opened recently on April 1st, 2011. All surviving mice have been returned to their owners. With deep sadness do we look back to the old days (photos here) when everything was fine. R.I.P.

Attacker Destruction Remainder
A message from our sponsor --- A message from our sponsor --- A message from our sponsor

"Stop — Think — Click"...

...is the basic recommendation for securely browsing the Internet and for securely reading emails. Users who have followed this recommendation in the past were less likely to have their computer infected or their computing account compromised. However, still too many users click on malicious web-links, and put their computer and account at risk.

Therefore, in order to avoid clicking at all, all CERN users are asked to disconnect their computer mice from CERN computers, and bring them to the CERN Animal Shelter for Computer Mice.

Let us help you:
visit https://cern.ch/Computer.Security or contact Computer.Security@cern.ch

The Computer Animal Shelter declines responsibility for the content of our sponsor's message.